Stuff my new Cat needs

Here are the things your new cat needs before coming home

    1. Cat litter and litter box

Getting the type of litter box really depends on where you plan to put it. If it fits in your bathroom, some owners get the regular open litter box. As for me, I got the hooded one because I placed the litter box near the kitchen. I got the extra large litter box because I was told by the vet that my cat is a big one. Some people prefer the litter box where you do not need to clean it and just tilt it to the side. It is really up to you which you prefer.
As for the cat litter, I heard from several owners that clumping litter is not good for a kitten but is okay for an adult. There is no study yet that I’ve read that concludes this is proven, so we  are still using the clumping litter. It is less ashy, traps the bad smell and easier to clean or scoop.

2. Cat scratch pad

Corrugated paper boards or scratch posts are available in pet stores or shops. The thing with scratch posts and tree is that, not all cats fancy it. The need for this is for the cats to file their nails and keep it up in shape. I grew up with outdoor cats so I did not have a problem with this before. Only now that I have an indoor cat that I had to get this.

 3. Cat nail clippers

I got my nail clippers from Walmart for around $3. If you are confident with cutting your cat’s nails and not hurting it, you can get this. If you are unsure, I suggest you let the vet do it.

 4. Cat flea repellent

There are a lot of products online and on stores for pet flea repellent. Many of my friends who owns cats vouched for Petarmour. I have not tried it yet since my pet is an indoor cat.

 5. Cat toiletries and grooming: Hair brush, Lint roller, towel

I got the gloved hand brush for my cat. I tried the metal one and it always seems uncomfortable for him. Plus the gloved hand brush is easier for us to use and the cat loves it.
I got also some lint rollers since my cat is white and his fur does show everywhere and around furniture and my clothes every time I carry him. When I run out of the rollers, I temporarily use sticky tape or office tape to do the job.

  6. Cat bowls

Cats do need separate bowls. One for drinking and one for his or her food. Male cats needs more moisture in their food because they are prone to constipation and gastrointestinal problems. Either way they still need 2 separate bowls.

7. Cat toys
Indoor cats need toys that can preoccupy them so they will not go for your furniture or household items. If your cat gets bored it tries to find something fun to play with and you wouldn’t want that if you left him home alone.
Cats love the toys that have feathers or something he can move around or chase. Our cat as a feathered rat attached to a sting and a stick. Our cat still goes crazy with it even without catnip.
I am not a fan of catnip. A little amount drives my cat crazy. If ever a toy came with a catnip, make sure to place a very tiny amount to test it out first. Some cats react to tiny amounts and some don’t so it is best to see how your cat specifically reacts to it. Some tiny toys have already catnip in it which I think is fine because it is measured. What my cat reacted to was the one I had to put in myself, not knowing I placed too much. Half a teaspoon was too much for my cat apparently.

If you think we missed something from the list, please comment below and we will add it as soon as possible 🙂


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