Stuff my new Dog needs

If you are bringing home a dog soon, here are my list of things he needs

  1. Harness and leash 

This, I think is the first and most important thing you need to get. I recommend getting a harness instead of a collar. The collars tend to stress out the neck of the dog in time. You can place a collar to hang his tags but I discourage you to hook the leash to the collar. Also, a harness helps the owner/parent move their dog easier especially when training him to behave and walk beside you. More comfortable for the dog and more convenient for the person to maneuver. The best harness we had lasted for almost a decade. It had cloth/foam that protected the thin skin in the underarms of the dog.

      2. Poop scooper and bag

Poop scooper and bag sometimes come together. I for one do not use the scooper sometimes. I just reverse the plastic bag and pick up the poop with my hands quickly. The smell might be unbearable at the beginning but you will get used to it. If your dog’s poop is loose and is within your property/ backyard, try pouring sand and letting it dry before picking it up.

       3. Dog bowl 

I personally prefer the metal bowl rather than the plastic bowl. From my experience, when the dog gets bored, he usually chews his bowl and if it is a plastic bowl it’ll last for a day only. I suggest a metal bowl with a rubber lid underneath to prevent it from moving around or making noise.Dog food and treats

      4. Dog food and treats

It is good to start your pup while young. Dogs are motivated to follow commands once they have treats. I always keep one out of reach and pull it out during play time. As for dog foods, I do not base my choice by the price. I always look at the ingredients. It depends on your dog’s needs. Ask you r veterinarian what are the options in your area.

      5. Crate 

I am not an avid fan of the crate. I placed in on the list because you will need it when you need to TEMPORARILY lock your dog for reasons as answering the door, cleaning your home, etc,. For people with small apartments, always consider what breed you are getting because big dogs are not happy in small spaces. I disagree locking a dog in a crate for long periods. If you cannot leave your dog alone at home, please bring him to a pet play  or dog sitting place. In my opinion, we should not adopt a dog to make them prisoners.

      6. Dog toiletries : Shampoo, flea repellent, brush, powder, towel

Some dog shampoo have already incorporated a flea repellent in it. Some brands have a drying effect and medicinal smell. It was a trial and error for us until we found the shampoo that smells good, makes their fur soft, and is flea repellent and eco- friendly. We only used powder when our dogs had bad fleas or better yet use the flea ointments that are available in grocery stores which are less messy and no residue. As for my dog’s towel, I used my own towel and he didn’t mind haha.

      7. Dog bed

This is the most special item a dog values. He will always look for it. He will get pissed if someone else lies on it. He sometimes will pull it from you if you try to touch it. It is best to estimate a bed size that he can use for a long time. Do not buy a small bed that he can outgrow in less than a year. Check your dog’s breed to see what’s his size as an adult and that is what I suggest you get. Pick a bed that has a removable cover. That way you can wash it when needed. I barely see one on the market so we had ours custom made to cover the dog’s bed.  More of like a pillow case style.

       8. Old fabrics/ cloth

I always keep some old fabrics on stand by. Dogs do drool (and sometimes a lot, depending on breed) and unfortunate times , do vomit ( and eat it if you’re lucky ) . I use it to wipe out unnecessary  “stuff” that I would not want on my floor. Wash it after use and reuse it again for the dog.

9. Dog toys

I do not recommend buying a lot of toys for dogs. There’s so much toys out there that can be crushed and torn easily into tiny pieces and when swallowed accidentally, can be fatal to your dog. I tried a lot of toys and the best I can still think of is a sturdy rope. Dogs like tugging and pulling.

If you think we missed an important item, let us know and comment below 🙂


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