About Us


My name is Nes and I put up this blog to share my firsthand experience with pets. I had pets almost my whole life. I was fortunate to grow up with dogs and cats of different breeds. Some were rescued and some were acquired from friends. I learned at a very young age that these pets are family and all of them will have a special place in my human family’s heart. I want to share all the things I’ve learned from living with these wonderful animals, how to take care of them, what makes them happy or sad, what are our experiences in our pet’s illnesses, how did we cope with a loss of a pet, how to welcome a new pet, how can pets get along, and so much more. I also wanted to write this blog so I can hear from you! I know there are a lot of experienced pet owners out there who truly love their pets. I am hoping that this can become a group of people helping each other to be the best dog/cat mom and dad there is out there. 🙂